Nazolam / Nasolam news

In a survey among epileptics/care givers, it was concluded that the nasal spray has been received with a lot of enthousiasm. They characterized the use of Nazolam / Nasolam as:

  • Fast onset
  • Easy to administer
  • No nasal irritation 
  • Relief to know that the right dose has been administerd

MEDIR is pleased to announce that the European Union Intellectual Property Office has issued the registration of the trademark NAZOLAM(®) / NASOLAM(®) . The trademark NAZOLAM(®) / NASOLAM(®) shall be used for MEDIR′s intranasal midazolam product, intended for use in procedural sedation and in acute epileptic seizure treatment. This nasal spray contains a unique water based highly concentrated formulation of midazolam which comes with an excellent nasal tolerance.

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