Who will benefit

Midazolam nasal spray offers the possibility to:

  1. relief stress in anxious or frightened patients in a convenient and painless way.
    People that need to undergo a medical-, diagnostic-, dental- or surgical procedure are often anxious or frightened. By inducing the state of conscious sedation, these patients will allow the procedure to happen. Midazolam is the product of first choice due to its pharmacological profile, but currently it needs to be administered by injection(!). Intranasal midazolam is a painless and convenient method, to induce conscious sedation.
  2. stop an epileptic seizure effectively.
    Epileptics could potentially die from a seizure, which is very worrisome for them. If a seizure occurs, epileptics are dependent on the people witnessing the event for medical treatment. The best drug to stop epileptic seizures is midazolam (in onset of action and in responder rate), which needs however to be administered by intravenous injection by a certified person (MD/trained nurse) that needs to be called to the scene.
    Intranasal midazolam can be administered by everyone.